Fundraising for The Children’s Foundation

1, Who am I ?

I am Sarabi, full name Huixian Kong. (Hey, you don’t know Sarabi? It’s Simba’s mother!)


I am from China, now an MBA student at Durham University. I love Durham:)

I am a volunteer teacher, who had taught 3rd and 4th-grade students, in a primary school in a small village in Guizhou province in China in 2009 and 2010 summers. A village where there was no running water and internet. Students took average one hour walking to the school everyday and their lunch value for £0.3.

I am Non-profit organizer, I started two non-profit organizations before. One called “Mountain Angel” (2009-2011) which aims volunteering teaching, the other called “Sunflower project”(2011-2015) which aims supporting the school and students with books, clothes donation and 1-1 mental support.

You could find more information about the “Mountain Angel” through the blog “ but it’s in Chinese:)

I am a fundraiser, when I was leading the Sunflower project, our team fundraised around 50000 RMB (approximate 5600 GBP) and material aid from corporates. We used 23000 RMB (approximate 2600 GBP) to build a 177㎡ cement(concret) playground for the school, gift aid every school child a winter coat and also supported them with school bags and books.

At the meantime, I am also a regular runner and a half marathon runner, I participated the Edinburgh half marathon this year and finished in 2 hrs 19 mins. This time I will run for The Children’s Foundation in the Great North Run on 11th of September and I NEED YOUR HELP:)


2, Why am I fundraising for The Children’s Foundation?

  •  The Children’s Foundation and Me

The Children Foundation was set up in 1990 in Newcastle-upon- Tyne to improve the health and well-being of children and young people in the region which at the time had the worst child health in the country. I came to know about The Children’s Foundation(TCF) because the charity consultancy project in Durham Business School. I was the leading consultant of my team with other 4 MBA students in my class and we worked with the staff of The Children Foundation on the marketing strategy of its “Because Minding Matters” appeal.

Through the project, I came to know that in the UK, in the north England, there a group of Children also needs help, especially mental support since it has less awareness from the public compared to other physical diseases.

  • What does The Children’s Foundation do?

Mission-The Children’s Foundation provides leadership and raises funds to enable research, support service delivery and create partnership programmes, designed to improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people in the North East.

  • What had The Children’s Foundation already done?

Last year The Children’s Foundation directly helped, involved or affected the lives of 29,500 children across the North East. The Children’s Foundation supports and manages projects across a broad spectrum of activities, particularly those that deal with some of the more difficult areas of children’s and young people’s problems – such as disability, disadvantage and mental health issues.





Clown Doctors

watch the video of “Clown doctors“:


3D V-POD Pain Distraction Units


  • You money will be used to:

To understand the mental health and wellbeing needs of C&YP people within the region through consultation and research. Identify Local prevalence, need and gaps in provision.

To ensure evidence based collaborative approach is taken to support data analysis and produce recommendations. To build delivery partnerships.

To confirm the required resilience and resource – Develop service models, interventions, collaborations and associated costs. Identify income streams and develop targeted income generation methods.

To raise awareness and engage the support – Hold a regional conference bringing together sectors to inform, inspire and unite to work towards improving health and wellbeing of C&YP. Develop a marketing and media campaign to engage public financial support therefore enabling Phase 2.

To build capacity and make a difference – Develop the Because Minding Matters funding programme, commission services, collaborate on funding bids, and participate in consortium and partnership opportunities to engage with commissioners.

Get to know more about The Children’s Foundation:




3, How can you help?

My target is to achieve the minimum fundraising amount which is £250 and I believe that no matter it’s 2 pounds or 5 pounds, it will definitely help my fundraising job and further help the children in the northeast.

£2 might mean one day you choose to walk home instead of taking a bus.

£5 might mean watching a movie at home instead of going to the theatre.

£ 10 might mean missing a takeaway dinner.

£20 might mean giving up buying a dress which you might wear only 2 times a year.

So why not join me to help the children in the northeast England and let’s see how tiny givings will accumulate to a great love.

So what you can do:

1, Donate at my Virgin money giving page:

2, Share this blog or the link to your friends and families on facebook, Twitter or Wechat and let’s see how the miracle happens!

Thank you for  your time and kindness reading this.

Any questions, doubts and comments you could leave a message on the blog or send me email:


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